Rock Weekly: The Funding Doesn’t Lie


June 25, 2012

The funding doesn’t lie: half-way through 2012 and digital health is already in high gear. We’ve seen record investments: 73% more funding in the space than midyear 2011.  Read our 2012 Midyear Digital Health Funding Report here.

Other key findings from our report:
– 68 digital health companies have raised over $2M
– 92 investors
– Common themes: physician tools, sensors, home health, and data
– Bay Area dominates funding, with 28% of overall funding

Read reflections on our Midyear Digital Health Funding Report in TechCrunch and MedCity News.

Digital health isn’t just a fad – and, from this week’s news, we know we’re not the only ones who think so.  


The Real Promise of Mobile Health Apps
Scientific American

Health-Care Technology Will Survive if ObamaCare is Overturned
Wall Street Journal

GE Partners With Facebook, Launches HealthyShare App as Part of Olympics Push

Wanted: Dropbox for Health Care

App Shows Promise for Hacking Eating Behavior
Technology Review

The Measured Man
The Atlantic

Hacking for Health: Working with Technology to Improve Healthcare in Malawi
National Geographic

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