Rock Weekly: VCs aren’t the bad guys

November 26th, 2012

This Thanksgiving, we had much to be thankful for–including those who have continued to support the work of digital health innovators by investing in technologies and companies who are working to transform healthcare.  Despite the naysayers, we say the VCs aren’t the bad guys. 


Administration Defines Benefits That Must Be Offered Under the Health Law
New York Times

Millions Will Qualify for New Options Under the Health Care Law
Washington Post

Four NYC Hospitals Still Closed By Hurricane Sandy
Kaiser Health News

The Wal-Mart Effect Comes To Health Care
Investor’s Business Daily

NFL to Roll Out Mobile EHR

Diet Robot, Autom, Now Available On Indiegogo, Will Ship In Six Months

Scientists See Promise in Deep-Learning Programs
New York Times

Teenage Gamers Are Better At Virtual Surgery Than MDs
Popular Science

Xerox Designs System to Reduce Busywork for Nurses
Technology Review

The Doctor Will Email You Now. And Then See You Later.
Washington Post

Startup Using Crowdfunding to Sequence the Human Microbiome
MedCity News

Funding & Acquisitions

Beyond Lucid Technologies Secures Six Figure Funding

Dalcon Rebrands as Amplion; Announces Capital Raise for In-Patient Nurse Communication Systems
Chicago Business Journal

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