$23B invested in digital health. What’s the impact?

After seven years, $23B has been invested in thousands of digital health companies. But what has been the real-world impact? Though headlines often focus on the dollars a company raises, that’s ultimately the wrong metric of success in healthcare. In an effort to shift the digital health dialogue toward real-world outcomes, we've debuted the Impact Project. The ongoing initiative features stories of people living far outside Silicon Valley and the companies changing the healthcare status quo that have made an impact on their lives. We've found that in healthcare, real-world impact and financial strength are inextricably linked. Join us in the conversation and check out the project.

After developing sepsis following surgery, Kevin’s chance of survival was 30%. But a hospital monitoring algorithm from Ambient boosted those odds. Six weeks later he went fishing.

Before finding Virta, Mike’s diabetes medications cost $5K each month and he was coming to terms with having a few good years of life left. Not anymore. 

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