A rising tide lifts all boats

As digital health becomes a more entrenched part of healthcare delivery, government regulation is keeping pace with more targeted guidelines. For startups and enterprise companies alike, this means regulatory choices will become an increasingly important element of go-to-market strategy—but organizations need practical guidance when navigating regulatory possibilities. To help position the industry for success, we partnered with the Digital Medicine Society, as well as pharma cos, medical device manufacturers, startups, other ecosystem actors, and the FDA itself, to create tools to support innovators in navigating regulatory complexity, understanding the regulatory pathways available, and determining the value and requirements of each option. The new resources just dropped—check them out here. And for our take on how and why developers and buyers should apply this guidance to their work, read our latest piece here.


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Recent Funding

  • CodaMetrix reels in $55M for its AI-enabled medical coding automation and support solution
  • Sleep-focused RPM, digital therapeutic, and virtual care provider BetterNight finds $33M
  • Wyndly raises $2M for its allergy testing and personalized immunotherapy treatments