AI vibe check

The vibe coming out of ViVE was abuzz about applications of AI in healthcare. It’s been a hot topic for a while, but ever since ChatGPT appeared on the scene, not a day has gone by without news stemming from AI’s rapid pace of development. Much of the conference conversation revolved around using AI to make clinical operations more efficient. And not too surprisingly, that’s where funding is going. An analysis of Rock Health’s venture funding database showed that digital health startups applying AI to clinical decision support and precision medicine raised $1.2B in 2022, the most funding raised last year by any category of digital health startups using AI. Notably, funding for AI tools in clinical decision support and precision medicine remained steady from 2021-2022, even while overall sector funding dropped—signaling investor interest above the general market threshold. While investment is one (promising) signal, responsible adoption is critical; we’ll be watching to see how clinical organizations warm to AI solutions and address operational risks.


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Recent Funding

  • Oxos Medical raises $23M for its handheld connected X-ray device for point-of-care imaging
  • Emulait reels in $11M for its custom biomimetic breastfeeding devices