Berzerkshire Morgazon

In what many incumbents called “a relief,” Dr. Atul Gawande is the new CEO of the Berkshire Hathaway-JPMorgan-Amazon venture that has dominated the airwaves. Gawande, “an unconventional choice—but a good one,” is a seasoned doc who may lack operational experience but has a proven ability to inspire and lead transformation of healthcare delivery. After months of speculation, the new CEO stated the company's goal: reduce wasteful spending by taking aim at intermediaries, and drive better outcomes for its 1M collective employees. Eventually, the plan is to offer its innovations "freely to other companies."

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Recent Funding

  • Healthcare data organization and sharing platform Datavant closed $40.5M
  • Meditation and sleep company Calm raised $27M
  • Aaptiv raised $22M from Amazon, Disney, and others for its “Netflix for fitness”
  • Personal fitness app Kinetic raise $6.3M for its coaching app
  • Boston Children's Hospital emotional health startup Mightier closed $2.4M 
  • CHOP spinout Bainbridge Health closed $1.6M for its medication error assessment tool