Digital health (M&A)nia

While digital health investment tightened over the past three quarters, it’s been hard to ignore increased momentum around sector mergers and acquisitions (M&A), with more news possibly around the bend. The next few quarters are likely to see M&A activity shape, and possibly shake up, the digital health landscape—consolidating point solutions, improving efficiencies, building out new platform capabilities, and disrupting the status quo. Whether you’re an acquirer, potential target, or enterprise observer, understanding M&A patterns can give you a leg up in reacting to market shifts. Read on for our M&A take—and how to make the most of this market moment. is excited to share the second installment of our content series, "Spotlight on Innovations in Digital Health." We’re honored to elevate the voices of ten incredible leaders in service of the important work they’re doing.


What Is Success When Caring For Underserved Patients?
It's time to define and quantify health tech's impact STAT

The State Of Virtual Care
Data on how buyers view virtual care from Rock Health port co Omada Health and DiMe Omada Health

Wearables Are Underused By Those Who Could Benefit Most
A study from the AHA indicates those at risk for CVD underuse wearable devices Fierce Biotech

Online Requests For Medication Abortions Spiked After The Dobbs Decision
JAMA study also found increases in abortion medication requests after initial Dobbs leak STAT

Healthcare From The Barber Chair
CareFirst and Live Chair Health partner to bring accessible care to underserved communities AFRO

Can Best Buy Bring The Geek Squad To Healthcare?
The retail tech giant continues to pursue at-home healthcare opportunities Modern Healthcare

Alphafold’s New Rival? Meta AI Predicts Shape Of 600 Million Proteins
Meta’s AI predicts the structure of 617M previously unmodeled molecules in two weeks Nature

Recent Funding

  • Nurse staffing marketplace ConnectRN raises $65M to accelerate growth
  • Virtual behavioral and mental health provider Valera Health secures $44.5M
  • Medical device cybersecurity firm MedCrypt locks in $25M 
  • Carta Healthcare brings in $20M to scale its AI-based clinical data management solution
  • Galen Robotics grabs $15M for its connected surgical robotics solution for ENT procedures
  • Senior care-focused health data analytics and visualization firm Intus Care pulls in $14.1M
  • Menopausal health services and devices company Joylux closes on $13M
  • Neurotrack locks in $10M for its digital cognitive health assessment and monitoring tools
  • Virtual-first audiology and hearing care provider Yes Hearing clinches $10M
  • Hybrid hospice care services company Guaranteed launches with $6.5M
  • Tiny Health finds $4.5M to expand its gut microbiome testing service for parents and infants 
  • Precision virtual care provider for treatment-resistant depression Options MD lands $2.4M