Ditch the pilot

It’s time to ditch the term “pilot.” Too many healthcare innovations have suffered through this fated phase, though digital health CEOs are finding new ways to structure sustainable enterprise contracts, like formatting to scale and giving customers an “out.” Read what else CEOs have learned about startup-enterprise relationships in this follow-up post from our closed-door Digital Health CEO Summit.

+ Enterprise on the mind: Why are so many non-traditional players interested in healthcare? A number of them dished what to expect in our newest podcast episode.


Facebook sought to swap patients' social and health data with hospitals 
The plan is now on hold, for obvious reasons (CNBC)

Addiction rehab is broken. Can technology fix it?
A writer and recovering addict explains the situation (Wired)

Inside a drug pricing contract
"This whole contract is about the undisclosed spreads that [PBMs] take" (Axios)

Walmart is eyeing a purchase of PillPack
A source says Amazon also courted the online pill delivery company (CNBC)

A letter to the NIH about data science
DJ Patil shares guiding words about ethics, AI, and law enforcement (Medium)

Outcome Health settling $2.9M lawsuit over unwanted patient texts
This lawsuit is unrelated to its investors' fraud allegations (FierceHealthcare)

Do-it-yourself hacks for diabetes management in 2018
When DIYers become impatient with the current approved solutions (Genome Mag)

Rock Health In The News

Virta raised $45M to expand its type 2 diabetes reversal clinic
We talked to a Virta user who cut his monthly medicine bill by $5K. (MobiHealthNews)

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