Healthcare’s new world order starts now

As industry giants continue to push forward their pandemic response efforts, a very real risk has arisen: redundancy may be hampering progress. But we need collaboration as a rising tide to lift all boats—especially as the crisis accelerates trends reshaping healthcare as we know it. The gap in real digital transformation between healthcare and other industries is on full display (take clinical research, for example), and clinician burnout is at an all-time high. Telemedicine’s escape velocity is creating new opportunities, while fee-for-service’s dominance may be nearing its end.

Rock Health President Tom Cassels dives into what these trends mean for startups, enterprise, and investors—and why we all must act now to make healthcare healthy again in a post-COVID-19 world. Sign up to receive information about our upcoming webinar on the new world order in healthcare.


The First Approved At-Home COVID-19 Test Is Here
FDA gives LabCorp’s test its stamp of approval The New York Times | (Tweet)

ONC, CMS Give Breathing Room For Interoperability Rules
Some compliance dates pushed by three to six months Healthcare IT News | (Tweet)

Google Cloud Is Opening Up Its Healthcare API
The pandemic has been an additional push for interoperability CNBC | (Tweet)

Akili Rolls Out Video Game For Kids With ADHD
FDA has been quickly moving to increase access to digital health STAT+ | (Tweet)

Microsoft Launched A COVID-19 ‘Plasmabot’
It’ll encourage those who’ve recovered to donate their plasma CNBC | (Tweet)

Primary Care Needs A New Operating System
As a front door to the healthcare system, it’s pretty broken Fierce Healthcare | (Tweet)

Apps Aren’t A Reliable Way To Monitor Blood Oxygen Levels
You can’t manage what you can’t accurately measure The Verge | (Tweet)

Massachusetts’ Uninsured Can Access Telemedicine For Free
Doctor on Demand provides 24/7 access to COVID-19 visits MobiHealthNews | (Tweet)

Recent Funding

  • H1 raised $12.9M for its healthcare professional data platform
  • Unlearn got $12M to bring “digital twins” to clinical trials
  • VR telehealth startup XRHealth scooped up $7M
  • Paige brought in $5M to bring AI to cancer pathology