Landmark precision medicine database to launch

NIH launches its landmark 1M-person precision medicine database next month, and NIH Director Francis Collins ran a Reddit AMA for the occasion. He shared his view on consumer DNA testing kits, a desire for more computational biologists, and respect for the film Gattaca’s cautionary depiction of genomic advances. But his audience voiced wariness of privacy breaches despite NIH’s promise to de-identify data and pushed on the tenuousness of GINA in protecting their genetic rights, illuminating the realities of the state of genomics. The database collects DNA, as well as lifestyle and environmental data.


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Recent Funding

  • Aetion closed $36M for its platform to leverage real-world evidence in drug development
  • RubiconMD raised $13.8M to improve access to remote specialist consults
  • Medically Home raised $4M to bring hospital services to the home