Move fast, but don’t break things

Despite adjacency to the tech industry and the oft-cited motto to “move fast and break things,” success in digital health instead requires adherence to the regulations of the healthcare industry. Certain digital health solutions and tools require FDA oversight—last week saw Lensar’s FDA clearance of its AR-assisted cataract surgery system and EarliTec Diagnostics’ FDA clearance for its autism diagnosis support tool, plus Rune Labs get an FDA nod to translate Apple Watch data into insights about Parkinson’s. While some startups are steeped in the regulatory terrain, achieving regulatory approval is not always straightforward or well-understood; a recent survey by the nonprofit Digital Medicine Society (DiME) reported that 25% of digital health developers didn't know whether their product should be regulated; of those who did know regulation was needed, 75% didn’t know the optimal pathway. A new initiative by DiME, FDA, Consumer Technology Association, Google, Abbott, yours truly at Rock Health, and additional partners aims to change that. The collaboration will develop a new tool to help digital health innovators build regulatory considerations into their strategy from the outset—a potential differentiator from competitors and with investors, especially important at a time when belts are expected to tighten.

Rock Health will be in Boston on July 19, and we are hosting a digital health community happy hour from 5-7:30 pm. If you’re interested in joining and connecting with local innovators, please fill out this form.


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