New digital platforms finally put consumers first

Who hasn’t been frustrated by medical billing, long hospital stays, or impersonal care models? The paradox consumers face is that healthcare companies don’t compete on experience—but we need the care they supply.

Last week we saw digital health action set to test this status quo, with business models that put consumers first in the spotlight. Cedar announced the acquisition of OODA Health in order to become a digital payments solution addressing unsatisfactory consumer billing from both sides of the transaction. Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente made strategic and financial commitments to make Medically Home’s “connected hospital at home” a new standard of care. Jasper Health unveiled a star-studded team and funding round with aspirations to evolve cancer care navigation’s focus from finding care sites, to helping patients and caregivers navigate the full experience. If these and other innovators can change the rules of the game, we’re hopeful for vastly different competitive dynamics that actually benefit healthcare consumers.


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