“One of the most consequential weeks in healthcare history”

The largest payer in the world (the US) is on the brink of a big shake-up. The Senate put forth its healthcare reform bill that sparked strong reactions across the industry. Sarah Kliff’s robust rundown lays out how the bill would affect stakeholders while Nate Silver evaluated its chances of passing when it's put to a vote—perhaps as soon as this week. For updates, follow Politico's live blog. Wherever you stand, we encourage you to be educated and active in shaping policy—to promote a better healthcare system for patients.

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Recent Funding

  • Vineti, a cell and gene therapy software and analytics company, raised $13.8M
  • Two genomics pioneers raised $13.6M for their personalized health platform Arivale
  • Doctor search company BetterDoctor raised $11M
  • Bio-sensing wearable maker MC10 raised $7.3M from undisclosed investors
  • Nuvolo raised $10M to make healthcare's back office run more smoothly
  • Text-based telemedicine company CirrusMD closed $7M
  • Virtual medical assistant company Medwhat raised $2.6M
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