Pride against prejudice

Culturally competent healthcare is critical. Experts say that when providers simply ask about sexual orientation and gender identity and use appropriate pronouns, health outcomes improve, and LGBTQ+ folks are more likely to feel acknowledged and affirmed. Receiving LGBTQ+-inclusive and gender-affirming healthcare starts with access, and digital health can play a role. Our 2022 Consumer Adoption Survey revealed that LGBQA and transgender respondents used mobile apps and websites to find healthcare providers at higher rates (79% and 94%, respectively) than heterosexual or non-transgender respondents (69% and 70%, respectively). Even as legislative bodies attempt to limit medically necessary gender-affirming care and providers face threats and uncertainty for providing LGBTQ+-inclusive care, we celebrate and are grateful to all the digital health entrepreneurs who are enabling access to culturally competent care for all.

Applications for the 2023 Innovation Fellowship are due Thursday, June 15! The Fellowship is an immersive cohort-based experience that supports and amplifies the work of visionary leaders centering lived experience in digital health innovation. Learn more and apply before the deadline next week.
This year’s new cohort of Innovation Fellows will also be attending Rock Health Summit on September 27, 2023. Register to join us in community with these inspiring innovators!


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Recent Funding

  • Strive Health drives home $166M for its integrated kidney care delivery offering
  • Carrum Health rakes in $45M to grow its healthcare services marketplace for employers
  • Clinical workforce intelligence solution Axuall secures $20M 
  • Conversational AI-based patient call center and virtual assistant Hyro wraps up $20M
  • Grapefruit Health lands $1.3M to address workforce shortage with remote patient monitoring