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Rock Weekly
As Facebook acquired Moves, quantified selfers continued to ask what Nike FuelBand’s demise means for Fitbit, Jawbone, and anything else on your wrist. Beyond wearables, a new FDA proposal may give products targeting high-risk medical conditions a fast track to market. Now if only there was a guarantee that these devices were hack-proof.

And now the news you’ve been waiting all year for: Health Innovation Summit tickets are now live. Kick off this two-day gathering with a tour of San Francisco’s most innovative companies then join leaders and thinkers across healthcare and tech as we chart what’s next for digital health. Don’t miss out — get your ticket now.


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Company Amt Investors Source
Sotera Wireless $20.7M Undisclosed MobiHealthNews
Wellcentive $12M Summit Partners, Noro-Moseley Partners, Harbert Management Partners SEC
BaseHealth $6.3M RONA Holdings, Bobby Yazdani Gigaom
Owlet $1.85M ff Venture Capital, Eniac Ventures, Azimuth Ventures, Life Sciences Angel Network, Peak Ventures, Brand Project TechCrunch
Fitnet $1.4M Valleys’ Ventures, CIT Gap Funds MobiHealthNews
First Warning Systems $560K Steven Welch, others MobiHealthNews