Rock Weekly: Progress on Alzheimer’s, a Kickstarter for health, and ‘Alpha Geek’ caregivers


July 16, 2012

The press is more than just app happy this week – as it turns out, health tech is good for you. So whether you’re starting your new year’s resolution seven months late, or just want the Cliff’s Notes, this week’s top stories in health technology and entrepreneurship are below.


In Preventing Alzheimer’s, Mutation May Aid Drug Quest
New York Times

Kickstarter, M.D.: MedStartr Finally Brings Crowdfunding To Health Projects

Smartphones May Aid Eye Diagnoses in Emergency Room
Chicago Tribune

Interactive Health Records May Boost Preventive Care

Why Health Startups Should Care About ‘Alpha Geek’ Caregivers

Health Technology and Patient-centered Principles Shown to Improve Care
American Medical News

Diary of A Health Technology Entrepreneur

When Code Can Kill or Cure
The Economist


Rock Health in the News

ChickRx Recruits Doctors and Helpful Sexperts for its Health Platform

From Pandas to X-rays: Image Expert Creates iPad Viewer to Allow radiologists to Share Files, Collaborate in Real Time
MedCity News

Reify Health: Taking Time Off from Medical School to Try a Startup

Funding & Acquisitions

23andMe Acquires CureTogether To Double Down On Crowdsourced Genetic Research

PokitDok Raises $1.3M
San Francisco Chronicle

Merkle Acquires Mobile Health Partner of Pfizer, Medtronic

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