Rock Weekly: Suffering from Olympics withdrawal?


 August 13, 2012

While the games in London have come and gone, we’re here to satiate your hunger for those five golden rings AND digital health. Check out the latest Rock Report illuminating how digital technologies are revolutionzing sports and fitness.

And we hope you’ll kick it into high gear with us as we pick up the pace for our upcoming Health Innovation Summit on August 28th at the W in San Francisco.

Obey your thirst, and load up on digital health fuel below:


A Doctor’s Visit Without the Cold Stethoscope
Wall Street Journal

The Exponential Growth in U.S. Health-Care Spending Is Slowing, and It’s Not Because of the Recession
The Atlantic

How Surgeons and Engineers Can Communicate Better

Medical Devices Use Biometrics to Prevent Hack Attacks
Ars Technica

Europeans Developing Automatic Monitoring for Parkinson’s

The Risks and Rewards of a Health Data Commons
O’Reilly Radar

Rock Health in the News

Using The iPhone’s Front-Facing Camera, Cardiio Measures Your Heartrate

The Future of Healthcare is Already at Your Fingertips [INFOGRAPHIC]

Funding & Acquisitions

Emotion Sensor Company Scoops Up $12M

PatientsLikeMe Gets $2M in New Equity Investments
MedCity News

BrightWhistle Secures $2.1M to Help Hospitals Market Services

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It’s amazing to me that Wal-Mart can tell you where one t-shirt is in one of its factories or warehouses at any point in time, but we don’t even know if a patient had an MRI or a CAT scan, a test that costs $1,000-plus, in the past few months. That’s how far behind our IT systems are.

– Ralph de la Torre, CEO of Steward Health Care System, in Fortune

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