Shots fired: AliveCor calls out Apple

Apple dropped a bombshell with its new FDA-cleared ECG feature on the Watch, rousing huge excitement. (Study data here.) The highly produced announcement was perfectly timed with its FDA clearance, raising eyebrows about an unprecedented level of coziness with government. But folks like Dr. Eric Topol gave Apple flak for claiming its technology is groundbreaking. AliveCor's CEO (a former Googler) even accused Apple of making up alternative facts. "We’ve been doing this for seven years." AliveCor saw sales skyrocket for its $99 ECG smartphone hardware following Apple's news. Regardless, it’s a strong marker of Apple’s interest—and the big money tech sees—in healthcare.

We’re getting smart about big tech's bets at our Summit next month. Catch the conversation with former Cleveland Clinic CEO-turned-Googler Toby Cosgrove and CNBC’s Chrissy Farr. Save your seat—or sponsor.


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