Socially distant but virtually perfect?

Amidst the elevation of COVID-19 to pandemic status, at least one “ray of light cracked through the ominous cloud” as Roche’s new coronavirus test received emergency FDA clearance, potentially doubling testing capacity in the US. In the meantime, could digital solutions be (virtually) perfect to help fill gaps in our healthcare system? The hospital that treated the nation’s first COVID-19 patient shared how it’s using tech to triage, test, and treat—and others are following suit.

The crisis has illuminated how everyone can do their part—from digital health startups to tech giants like Amazon, who’s in talks with the Gates Foundation to deliver at-home tests, and each one of us, who can stay home as much as possible and save lives.


HHS Suffers Cyberattack In The Midst Of Outbreak
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Verily Launches California COVID-19 Test Screening Site
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Bipartisan Bills Seek To Increase Telehealth In Nursing Homes
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New Data Rules Could Empower Patients But Undermine Privacy
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