The healthcare techlash is here

There’s a whole lot of health data out there just waiting to be used in research—whether passively collected or intentionally shared (we loved this take on the PatientsLikeMe acquisition). While most patients are altruistic with their data for research, they’ve become less trustful of healthcare institutions’ ability to protect it. At the eighth Rock Health Summit, we’ll sit down with leaders including former FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf and the AMA’s Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld to discuss the implications of the healthcare techlash.

We’re excited to release the full Rock Health Summit 2019 agenda and a slew of new speakers. Join us for the most informed and inspired conversations in digital health.

For our annual gender diversity report, we’re asking anyone who works at a healthcare startup or venture capital firm to share their thoughts on gender equity. Take the survey here. (PS—one lucky respondent will get a ticket to Rock Health Summit on us!)


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