The most overhyped and most promising technology in healthcare

Digital health is no longer in its infancy. At our annual Summit last week, over 600 of our friends reflected on what these middle innings require. With the theme of impact, here's a quick glimpse of what we learned (stay tuned for more):

  • AI is the most overhyped AND the most promising technology in healthcare. FDA's Bakul Patel says it changes the way we do fundamental science (and how FDA evaluates safety) and Andrew Ng declared it's the new electricity of healthcare. But consensus is that it won't replace doctors nor the power of human connection.
  • Avoid the shiny object problem. In her work with underserved populations, Veenu Aulakh looks at a population’s needs and works backward to find solutions, while Toyin Ajayi cautioned, “Digitization of ineffective traditional point solutions is not success."
  • Tune in to the social determinants of health. Andy Slavitt noted, “Our problem as a country is not with the 65-year-old jogger with two Fitbits, it’s the person who misses the bus to her dialysis appointment. We're capable of providing good care in this country. Put your efforts into improving the logistics of healthcare."
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