The new tech galaxies in the healthcare space

How will today’s maturing technologies redefine the healthcare space? Rock Health predicts four frontiers of opportunity: physical, social, community, and enabling infrastructure. We expect meaningful transformation in how we sustain ourselves, how we connect, how we engage with society, as well as shifts in the underlying enablers of our care ecosystems.

Imagine if your toothbrush could detect early signs of oral cancer, physicians could use mobile interactions to predict depression relapse, or patients with PTSD could attend group therapy in virtual, immersive environments. That imagined world doesn’t seem too far off with smart technology embedding into daily home products, emerging research in facial expression analysis and heart & respiration rates, and digital health entering the metaverse. While the opportunities are big, they’re not without risk. To maximize the benefit of innovation, equity innovation must outpace technology innovation. At the precipice of all this change, innovators are uniquely positioned to begin mending the cracks of a broken system while building toward a brave new future.

Several members of the Rock Health team will be in Los Angeles on March 30, and we are hosting a digital health community happy hour from 5-7pm. If you’re interested in joining and connecting with other local innovators, please fill out this form.


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Recent Funding

  • Connected rowing fitness startup Hydrow reels in $55M
  • PrognomiQ adds $46M for genomics-enabled early disease detection and treatment
  • Digital specialty pharma service House Rx raises $25M
  • Embold Health grabs $23M to further provider performance transparency
  • Rock health port co Avive rakes in $22M for its intelligent AED and connected response program
  • Bioautomation company Volta Labs nets $20M to streamline genomic sequencing
  • Stress management wearable Apollo Neuro closes on $15M
  • Intelligent care platform for oncology Canopy launches with $13M
  • Woebot raises $9.5M to grow its AI-powered behavioral health platform
  • OpenLoop gets $8M to deliver clinical support to virtual care companies
  • Arima Genomics snags $7M to advance 3D genomics research and technology
  • Surgical robotics and mixed reality company Zeta Surgical secures $5.2M
  • J2 Health brings in $4.5M to build out better provider networks
  • BioCoach scores $4M for its D2C health and wellness biosensors
  • AiM Medical Robotics grabs $3.4M to develop MRI-compatible intraoperative robots