“We must be honest with ourselves”

Last week in the enterprise world a leaked memo at Nokia stated “we must be honest with ourselves” regarding its digital health arm which has "struggled to scale"; Practice Fusion is scrapping its free model in the Allscripts sale; Google is trying to use eye scans to detect heart trouble while its DeepMind group linked up with the VA to pinpoint risks during hospital stays; and Aneesh Chopra made the case for Apple Health’s EHR solution.

We’ve heard from many enterprise leaders about their challenges navigating digital health, especially solutions leveraging AI and machine learning. So we’re announcing a new, invite-only event on June 19 to equip enterprise leaders and investors with proven strategies to evaluate AI/ML in healthcare innovation. Learn more and request an invite.

Recent Funding

  • Health benefits company Bind raised $60M
  • Sloan Kettering invested in Cota's $40M round for its technology that bridges precision medicine and population health
  • ChronWell raised $4.5M for the first-ever workers’ compensation platform