What tech’s fascination with healthcare means for the industry

What does tech’s fascination with healthcare spell for the industry? “[At Verily], engineers had developed an entirely new product between Christmas and New Year's,” Thomas Insel writes. “Contrast that with the NIH-funded research world, where it usually takes 18+ months to go from proposing an idea to getting a project funded…But scale and speed aren't everything." In a thoughtful Nature article, the former NIMH Director and Verily neuroscientist writes about the importance of open science, public-private partnerships, trust—and what's next for tech and healthcare.

Both industries should heed the collaborative and novel approach Omada has taken in digital health. Lucky you—Harvard Med School just wrote up a case study on them.

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Recent Funding

  • San Antonio-based Ranger Health received $10M for its on-demand health service
  • Zageno, a store for life science research materials got $8M