Google’s healthcare misfires

Why is healthcare so deadly? In Scientific American, Dr. Ashish Jha argued it's not because of medical errors, but because the "sloppy" system is “inadequate to the complexities of 21st-century medicine"—including a deluge of information. Steve Lohr's front-page New York Times article shed light on the painfully slow pace of technology's impact, especially in healthcare, while STAT chronicled the long delays and misfires of Google's health projects.

Thankfully, our own Evidation Health is validating the clinical and economic impact of healthcare's digital tools—and just got a $11.6M boost to its efforts!



Company Amt Investors Source
Evidation Health $11.6M B Capital Group MedCity News
RubiconMD $4M Waterline Ventures, Dioko Health Ventures, Alma Mundi Fund MobiHealthNews
Medella Health $1.4M 1517 Fund, Fifty Years Fund, Garage Capital, BDC Capital MobiHealthNews

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