Why tech hasn’t conquered healthcare

The march toward interoperability in healthcare continues—leaders discussed what ONC’s proposed rules mean for innovators (the comment period closes today), and Blue Shield of California CEO Paul Markovich singled out interoperability as big tech’s biggest hurdle to scaling in the healthcare industry.

The belief that change requires cross-industry collaboration is at the core of our annual Rock Health Summit. We’re excited to reveal a first look at this year’s speaker lineup—Verily’s Robert Califf, Sutter Health’s Sarah Krevans, and Insitro’s Daphne Koller will explore the health techlash and more. Claim your spot before early bird tickets run out.

New podcast episode alert! We spoke with leaders from Novo Nordisk, Pear Therapeutics, and ZS about best practices for navigating alliances between pharma and digital therapeutic companies. Catch the episode here.


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