Sage Bionetworks Unplugged

On Friday April 20th, Rock Health joined forces with Sage Bionetworks and Ashoka to host a special evening following the Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress.  The party started after the two-day conference, which covered the progress of data sharing platforms and how they are improving the healthcare experience.  Five minute pitches were given by a variety of speakers, inspiring our audience to think of innovative new ways to approach the data collaboration in health care.  Each speaker told a single story, posing unique questions for the attendees to ponder.  Watch the ignite-style speeches below, check out the topics for yourself and enjoy!

Our Favorites: 

Research 2.0  Bas Bloem, Parkinson Net

Is it bad that I get all of my medical advice from redditJohn Schrom, Rock Health

Telehealth Legislation and Internet Scale Geoffrey Clapp, Rock Health

Power to the Patient: the Convergence of Genomics, Technology and Social Networking Kathy Giusti, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

We are all patients Susan Love, Susan Love Research Foundation

Who needs experts: Less talk more thinking Francois Grey, CERN

The Story of Meredith Phil Bourne, PloS ONE, SDSC

Can we be One-minded to cure brain disordersMagali Haas, One Mind

People in Petri dishes Krishanu Saha, MIT

Call for Collaboration and Establishment of Oncology Preclinical Translation Medicine Experimental Platform Markus Warmuth, H3 Biomedicine

Reading rots the mind Aled Edwards, Structural Genetics Consortium

Analytics Without Endpoints: Predicting Disease Trajectories Larry Hunter, University of Colorado, Denver

Set the Default to Open Heather Joseph, SPARC

Accelerating Translational Science Tom Insel, NIH

Genomes for Me and Not for Thee Misha Angrist, Duke University

Beyond My Genome to Better Health Iya Khalil, GNS Healthcare

Science in the Cloud Joseph Hellerstein, Google

Reinventing learning through research Francois Taddei, INSERM Paris