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Healthcare’s middle children: Potential disruptors flying under the radar

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Building Toward Equity: A working model for digital health

Wellbeing benefits for the modern workforce: Our investment in JOON

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in JOON, which is developing a modernized benefits solution that makes employee wellness easy for employers and their workforce. JOON gives employees the freedom to choose what’s meaningful to them by automatically verifying and reimbursing eligible purchases within the employer-set categories, such as fitness, food, mental health, family care, and education.

H1 2021 Digital Health Funding: Another Blockbuster Year…In Six Months

Enabling More Inclusive Healthcare: Four market approaches to LGBTQ+ digital health

Pear going public via SPAC: Take a bite out of that

Unpacking the SPAC announcement from Pear Therapeutics—what this means for SPACs’ impact on the digital health market and the opportunities for the soon-to-be public Pear’s trajectory.

Healthcare’s data, interoperability, and workflow backbone: Announcing our investment in Zus Health

Historically, the fragmented nature of the U.S. healthcare system has made it nearly impossible for providers, pharmacies, and payers to collaborate and provide coordinated care—and patients have traditionally had almost no access to or control over their own health data. There has generally been little in the way of effective, HIPAA-compliant data sharing between healthcare stakeholders, leaving valuable—and potentially life-saving information—stuck in data silos.

An Inside Look at Enterprise Digital Innovation: Highlights from the Rock Health Spring 2021 Member Retreat

We recently had the privilege of hosting over two dozen digital health executives from major healthcare organizations across the world for our virtual Spring Member Retreat. While representing a diverse set of organizations (provider, payer, biopharma, retail, tech) and roles (innovation, corp dev, venture), each retreat attendee shared one important characteristic—a passion for driving digital innovation within their organization. Rock Health Member Retreats are designed to be interactive, candid conversations that foster community building and generate ideas for enterprise digital innovation initiatives. And the timing of the retreat couldn’t have been any better.