Startup Elements, CEO Style

We sat down with digital health CEOs from the most talked about companies and asked them to share their expert insights for our startup community. We turned these into some short and sweet videos, made just for you. Here’s what we learned:

MC 10’s CEO, Dave Icke, Icke shared his insight on investing and strategic partnerships for early-stage startups. Icke emphasizes the importance of patience while fundraising and advises startups to find investors who resonate with their mission. 

Charles Teague, the first employee of Alere and the CEO of LoseIt, which boasts 14 million users, shared what it means to build great products to provide a meaningful user experience. Teague asserts the ability for users to discover great products has become much easier in the past 5 years and that the best quality products will rise to the top.

Interwest Partner, Nina Kjellson dove in to the emotional intelligence traits that exemplify great leaders and provide a competitive advantage. Kjellson emphasizes that solution-oriented leaders with humility, humor, and charisma more easily recruit talented teams.