The startup hiring an elite team of health-conscious people

headshot-4Cofounder and CEO Munjal Shah (right) with their newest hire Jack Dunham

Health IQ is on a mission to celebrate—and reward—the health-conscious. Users can take a nearly limitless amount of quizzes covering 300 unique topics certified by experts in various fields of medicine, nutrition, and exercise. Afterwards, they are coached about the healthy decision.

Health IQ wants their team to genuinely reflect their customer—and they have a highly unique hiring process to do so.

“We don’t believe in resumes or in-person interviews,” Munjal Shah, Cofounder and CEO of Health IQ and former Cofounder and CEO of (aka Google Shopping). Why? “Work is not done on the fly—it’s project-based and testing people in an interview doesn’t provide insight into how a person actually performs at work.” In addition to scoring well on Health IQ’s own test (a core element of their product), potential employees present their work to the team and spend a few hours hanging out and getting to know them.

“We hire people that have real-life experience with health issues. Team members must have a personal health story—or loved ones touched by health problems. It takes drive and product to the next-level when people are deeply affected by healthcare and illness.”  Diseases and personal health feats on the Health IQ team include:

  1. Type 1 diabetes
  2. Phenylketonuria, a very rare disease that causes an amino acid to build up in the body and can cause brain damage and severe learning disabilities if a number of very common foods are ingested
  3. 400+ pounds collectively lost
  4. A near-miss with a heart attack (Munjal Shah himself)

Walking the walk and talking the talk at treadmill desks, aka the conference room.

“We hire people who have a track record of winning,” Munjal says. Every potential hire creates a brag sheet for themselves—reaching all the way back to childhood. (The potential hire also gets the entire team’s brag sheets so they feel comfortable letting loose.) Here are examples of the wins held by the Health IQ team:

  1. The #1 math Olympian for all of China
  2. The recipient of the top engineer award out of two thousand students at UT Austin’s engineering school
  3. An engineer who placed in the 99.98th percentile on the entrance exams of IIT, the MIT of India

“All of this builds an incredible amount of mutual respect on the team,” Munjal says. Have what it takes to be on the Health IQ team? They’re hiring. Get in touch:

Current positions:
Customer Advocate / Online Health Coach
Full Stack Software Engineer
Life Insurance Salesperson
Business Development Manager
Financial Controller & Regulatory Compliance Manager
Life Actuary

headshot-3Brain and brawn come together to build the best at Health IQ.

headshotCommon areas are designated as healthy snack only zones. Here’s HealthIQ’s collection of raw nuts.