SXSW 2012: Top 5 events for health geeks

Next week marks the 20th year of the beloved SXSW festival in Austin, TX.  In the 12 years that our team has been in attendance, we’ve never seen this much emphasis on the health vertical. We’re excited to see this broader convergence of the tech and health communities, and know there’s only more to come in the following years. In that spirit, we’ve curated a list of must-attend events. See you there!

  1. Check out the Interactive Accelerator showcase on Monday March 12th and Tuesday March 13th at the Hilton Hotel.  There are 11 digital health startup finalists this year including Pipette, Cellscope, Bodimojo, Jiff, Beyond Lucid, and Simplee.
  2. Chill out at the zenden: a place for weary attendees to relax, sip some green tea, take a nap, get a massage and check out some of the hottest startups working in digital health. Organized by Rock Health, we’re open from March 10-12 between 12-5pm.
  3. Attend The Future of Digital Health panel with Rock Health, Cake Health, Health Tap, Curious, and Wired Magazine.  Monday March 12th at 11 AM.
  4. Have a few cocktails at the Interactive Health Happy Hour, March 11th at 6 PM. Hosted by HCB Health, Health Tap, Massive Health, and iTriage.
  5. Get inspired by investor Dean Kamen.  He’s talking on March 12th at 11 AM.