The evidence healthcare startups need to be taken seriously by investors

The maturation of the digital health ecosystem has resulted in a notable shift in the minimum threshold of evidence companies must meet to survive and thrive. At this point, showing utilization of a product is simply table stakes—not a business plan, and no longer enough to attract funding. What investors really want to see comes down to the answers to three questions: have you changed behavior? Have you produced an outcome that matters? And do you have customers who are willing to pay for your product?

At our recent event with Evidation Health, a panel of digital health investors shared the types of evidence companies need to get their foot in the door, their lists of dos and absolute don’ts (don’t shirk away from FDA approval, failing to recognize you’ve entered the medical world), and how the evidence bar changes based on proximity to a decision about a patient’s care. Watch the full video of the conversation—including a Q&A session with the audience—below.

Moderated by Dr. Deborah Kilpatrick, CEO of Evidation Health
Dave Schulte, McKesson Ventures
Amy Belt Raimundo, Kaiser Permanente Ventures
Skip Fleshman, Asset Management Ventures
Lisa Suennen, GE Ventures

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