The Top 5 Reasons to Go to Living Well Through Data

By Molly Quiqley

With Living Well Through Data coming up on October 2nd in New York City, we data divas are getting excited. Here’s are 5 reasons you should get excited, too:

1.Get your data on at one of the most elite hospitals in the country. Living Well Through Data will be held at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Acclaimed internationally for its excellence in clinical care, it ranking 14th out of 5,000 hospitals nationwide. Mount Sinai School of Medicine is also internationally recognized as a leader in groundbreaking clinical and basic science research and is known for its innovative approach to medical education.

2. Geeks in research, startups, and corporations all in one place, at one time. We’ve brought together 250 data enthusiasts from the research, entrepreneurial, and corporate realms to showcase some of the most ground breaking data-driven projects in the healthcare space today.

3. Make connections with fellow data lovers. Network, share ideas, make friends, and meet potential partners with other like-minded attendees.

4.Eight Outstanding Speakers: Come hear some of the best minds in the health datamovement including George Church, Professor at Harvard Medical School and the director of, Steven Dean Partner, Prehype & NY Organizer for The Quantified Self, and Jason Johnson, the Executive Director of Informatics at Merck. See a list of the other stellar speakers here.

5. Be Part of the Data Driven Revolution in Healthcare. The amount of worldwide healthcare data is expected to grow to 50 times the current total by 2020. The future of healthcare largely lies in this growing data set and the technological devices that will be used to process it.