Top Five Quotes from Day 1 of Health Innovation Summit

Holly May

The opening sessions of the Health Innovation Summit hosted by Rock Health emphasized the courage and vision necessary for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike. Here are a few striking quotes from the stage.

“What is the best thing that happened to you last week?” and “Have you done something kind today?”
Gio Colella, CEO and co-founder of Castlight Health, describing the two simple questions he uses to to kick-off all team meetings, as an example of how to build a culture.

“Passion and interest are essential. You don’t necessarily need content expertise and knowledge to start a business or build a product. You need enthusiasm to learn what you need to know.”
James Park, CEO of FitBit, discussing how technologists and innovators from outside of healthcare should not be scared off by the industry.

“You only have so many heartbeats, so make sure you do something you are proud of.”
Dana Lowell, Director of Advanced Business Development at Faurecia XWorks on the value of innovation and risk-taking.

“A startup is like a speedboat while a big company is like a cruise ship.  Sure, the speedboat is agile and fast, but it has a small number of people involved and limited gas. In contrast, a cruise ship is slower, but there are so many more resources and people involved.”
Kent Bradley, Chief Medical Officer at Safety, describing some of the benefits of innovating within a very large company.

“Billions of dollars are spent on technology and IT in healthcare, but most of that is for legacy enterprise systems. Very antiquated systems and procedures are in place in healthcare. Technology can change that. This tells me that healthcare is ripe with disruptive potential.”
Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, describing why his company is moving into the healthcare vertical.

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