Update From Rock Boston: NoviMedicine Startup Profile

By Nick Martinez




Rock Boston: What big health care problem are you solving?
NoviMedicine is solving two major problems:  first, we are using a web-based platform to provide high-quality, low-cost medical care to people suffering from a wide range of dermatological conditions. By making this care available, we will then be able to help an industry that is currently seeing 42% of its patients not receiving care.

Rock Boston: How have you been able to use the local clinical expertise supporting Rock Boston?
Because one of our co-founders is a dermatologist, we felt confident in our ability to work directly with dermatologists to deliver care. At Rock Boston, we have gained a better understanding of the patient-doctor relationship and how to best go about designing our platform to be easy-to-use for both sides.

Rock Boston: What has been the best part of being in Boston?
There is an unparalleled energy surrounding entrepreneurship in Boston. It’s great to be a part of it.

Rock Boston: What music are you currently hacking/coding to?
Ok Go, The National, Trampled by Turtles, Wu-Tang, and Band of Horses just to name a few.