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The Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate and the explosion of health data set the stage for a huge number of innovative digital health companies. Among them is Rock Health portfolio company Stride Health, which is building a fast, reliable, consumer-friendly product that allows more Americans to get covered and access their healthcare. (Health insurance in 5 minutes via my smartphone? Yes, please.) We stopped by their office in the Mission District in SF to get an inside look at how they’re building the first personalized health insurance recommendation engine (and an amazing team). Interested in digital health? Good news. They’re also hiring like crazy. Here’s what co-founders Matt Butner and Noah Lang had to say:

Describe Stride Health culture in six words or less
creators, focused, entertaining, ravenous, optimistic, athletic

What’s your favorite neighborhood eats?
Atlas, Atlas, Atlas! Coffee Bar, Salumeria

What’s the difference between a good employee and a great employee?
A great employee has an insatiable thirst to push beyond what’s been defined in an effort to own new territory in your role, our product, and the market we’re tackling. They’re transparent, constructively critical, and think outside of their direct scope with a focus on seeing the team and product succeed.  (Also, people with passions outside of the office are critical for balanced minds and having people that are fun to work with!)

What’s the biggest thing Stride Health is doing this year?
We’re incredibly thrilled to change the way freelancing Americans access care and coverage—giving them more tools to better plan for their health and financial future. People have major challenges knowing what to expect for their health expenses year-to-year, so we’re continuing  to push the bounds of our ‘All In Cost’ forecasting. This year we’ll expand nationally and tackle more mobile moments to create even more value for our freelancer customer base.

What’s the most important thing you want people to know about your work?
Two things:
1) We are and will always be a consumer-centric design company. That’s missing in “individual” healthcare products today.
2) We move fast but take a very long-term perspective on what we’re building. Stride isn’t just running fast for next month or next year; we’re looking ahead at the next decade of activity for the market and for our customers too. We believe that we can have a positive effect on individuals’ health and financial situations (short and long-term).

Meet some of the Stride Health team:

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ASTRID SCHANZ-GARBASSI (right), Member Experience Manager / Partnerships, board game lover and Mandarin and French enthusiast.
Background: Formerly at Turntable Health (a partner practice of Iora Health), working in member communications, building business models—and writing lyrics for ZDoggMD.
What she does now: I often sit down with Josh and Steven to talk about the challenges in the product and how we can make it better for consumers—I’m excited to work with new hires in biz dev and member experience to support our freelance customers even more.

What she loves about Stride Health:
1) They’re incredibly consumer-friendly, and put a big spotlight on insurance carriers to make coverage clearer for consumers. They’re really going to have to step up and start offering really good plans.
2) The Stride Health team is a meritocracy. If someone puts out a solution or improvement that’s the best path forward, regardless of who they are, the whole team is very supportive and action-oriented about the suggestion.
3) The team is genuinely focused on health. We go climbing at Mission Cliffs during lunch, get free gym memberships—and no one complains when I come in a little sweaty after biking in from Mountain View.


CLÉMENT GARNIER (Clem), ‎Software engineer, Parisian-born
Background: Previously had an engineering gig at a mid-sized ad-tech agency in Montreal.
What he does now: I came to Stride Health to build something meaningful. I didn’t know about healthcare, but realized it’s a domain with a lot of opportunity—and growing. I’m excited to help onboard new engineering hires and expose them to whatever they need to get comfortable (and excel) in the role. I’m especially excited to work on a larger dev team with capacity to build out new fun features.
His favorite things about San Francisco and Stride Health’s neighborhood:
1) El Metate
2) The Golden Gate Bridge—It’s so right in so many ways.
3) Biking to work—or biking at 4pm on a Saturday. (If the bike wall didn’t give it away, Stride is brimming with cycling aficionados.)

You should join Astrid and Clem on the Stride Health team. They’re hiring up a storm with positions across engineering, product, sales, customer experience, marketing, biz dev—well, everything. #buildsomethingmeaningful

Soaking up some love from Echo, one of the office dogs. Not pictured: Luke, the French bulldog

lunch stride
Lunchin’ at Mélange Market

The Stride Health team on a hike in January, 2015