Announcing our partnership with CVS Health

It’s been a momentous month for Rock Health. From celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary, to hosting over 700 attendees at Rock Health Summit, today we’re thrilled to cap it off by announcing a partnership with CVS Health. CVS Health will join our remarkable group of industry partners who are committed to working with early stage digital health companies to drive radical improvement in healthcare.

CVS Health’s purpose is simple: to lead people on a path to better health. A year ago, the company demonstrated its commitment to health by pulling tobacco products off its shelves and renaming itself CVS Health. Now it’s looking for ways to drive faster innovation and expand areas of focus on mobile, personalization, connected health and digital therapeutics. By doing so, the company will help over 100 million people proactively and better manage their healthcare needs.

Consumer options across the healthcare system have never been greater than they are today—we have our choice of insurers on the Exchanges, we can access healthcare services from our phones or our pharmacies, and we can monitor our health everywhere with a wide range of connected health devices and trackers. This is a unique moment to build a healthcare system that is actually centered around us, the consumers. With its unparalleled reach, CVS Health is in a singular position to deeply impact the future of healthcare. We’re honored they’ve chosen to work alongside us at Rock Health.