What’s next for 2014

From Day 1, our goal has been to serve the most talented entrepreneurs—those with a vision for dramatically changing healthcare for the better. Our resources, curriculum, and community have evolved since we welcomed our first class of entrepreneurs in early 2011, but we have always worked one-on-one with each team to best understand their unique business challenges and personalize our support.

As we continue on this quest, we are constantly working to provide even more value to healthcare entrepreneurs.  In 2011, we launched the first seed accelerator for healthcare companies. Last year we announced an increase in funding from $20,000 to $100,000 to advance our portfolio companies even further.  Earlier this year, we announced breaking ground on a new office in Mission Bay, San Francisco with more offices and workspace.

And today we want to articulate how we are making our program even more valuable for entrepreneurs:

  • We’ll accept applications year round. You can submit your company information to us anytime. We’ll continuously review applicants and will accept companies constantly.

  • There won’t be general Demo Days marking the “end” of a term; instead, we’ll host targeted events to position your company in front of large groups of the right kinds of people (customers, investors, payers, doctors, or CIOs.) every few months. Participate if and only if it will benefit your company.

  • Work out of our brand new co-working space in San Francisco, or not. Portfolio companies get to crash with us for free for 6 months.

  • Access our network and expertise whenever you need it.  There has never been a set timeframe for our support. We now have sixty companies in our portfolio, and are just as committed to working with those that have been with us for two years as those who have been with us for just a few months.

Of course we’ll continue to provide early funding, in the form of convertible notes ($100K), or grants ($10-20K). For companies that are raising a round, we’ll still match your existing terms.

The impetus behind our evolution? To be quick and nimble like our portfolio companies, and to offer the most comprehensive and convenient resources. To serve as a trusted resource that works individually, with each company to help them get off the ground and connect them with the right partners and investors at the right time.

We think the best way to describe our work is full-service seed funding (you may have noticed we have shed the term accelerator from the description of what we do).  But it doesn’t matter what you call it—what matters is that we will continue to work tirelessly to support those working to change healthcare.

We’re making it easier for you to maximize the value you get from our fund and network. Learn more and apply!