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Collective Health is a technology company working to create the healthcare experience we all deserve. Its complete health insurance solution helps companies take better care of their people by integrating and driving intelligence into every layer of their health benefits investment. Their team from NASA, Facebook, Google, Blue Shield and Mercer, brings intelligence, empathy and common sense to the health insurance experience.

Collective Health has redesigned one of the most confusing and aggravating aspects of today’s healthcare experience: how we pay for it. Since 93% of Americans with private health insurance receive health benefits from their employer, Collective Health has focused its efforts on building a new technology and design-powered platform to transform both sides of today’s broken health insurance experience: a technology platform that gives employers more control and insights on the benefits they offer, and a member experience for their people that rivals the best consumer products in the country.

Backed by the same investors behind Workday, Airbnb, Palantir and SpaceX, Collective Health’s team is a mix of healthcare and technology industry veterans, from companies as diverse as Google, Facebook, Blue Shield of California and NASA. Collective Health sells their platform to employers as small as 150 and into the tens of thousands.

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