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San Francisco, CA

Kinsights is every parent's digital companion, guide, and organizer.

Kinsights was acquired by in early 2016. They connect parents and resources when they need it most, with the help of a rich community and an integrated pediatric health record. Across the platform and within over 100 public and private communities, Kinsights matches each question to the perfect audience to provide thoughtful, personalized support for parents. Its intuitive, easy-to-use pediatric health record helps parents track and maintain data on their child’s health and share relevant information with their care team.

Kinsights is accessible wherever you are, at a desk or on the go.

It’s built by a team with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. With design leadership from LinkedIn and Posterous, marketing leadership from Genentech and Creative Market, a developmental pediatrician at Boston Children’s, and degrees from top schools like Stanford, UCSF, Bowdoin, Princeton, and Harvard Business School, the Kinsights team has the deep experience and know-how to build beautifully-designed, engaging, and useful products. Whether you’re accessing Kinsights from your desk or via mobile, it’s backed by a robust and secure technology stack, where sensitive data is encrypted at all times without sacrificing the wealth of engaging functionality throughout the community.
Kinsights has pioneered the digital health space for parents, and takes an active role contributing to and leading the development of new standards for health data and portability. The company works with an amazing list of partners, including top children’s hospitals, foundations, and other digital health companies, and operates from locations in San Francisco and Boston.

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