Transforming the diagnosis & treatment of cognitive decline

Neurotrack is on a mission to change the way cognitive decline is diagnosed and treated. Founded in 2012, Neurotrack has successfully built and is deploying the first validated predictive diagnostic test for cognitive decline that can identify an individual’s risk for the disease as early as six years before symptoms. Based on three decades of neuroscience research from Emory University, Neurotrack’s technology utilizes digital eye tracking to assess the health of the hippocampus, the first part of the brain to be affected by cognitive decline. The test is administered over the web and is quick (under 5 minutes), scalable, language and education agnostic.


Based in Palo Alto, Neurotrack has raised funding from Sozo Ventures, Marc Benioff, Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Social Capital, AME Cloud Partners and Rethink Impact.

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