Reify Health helps biopharma companies run faster, cheaper, and more predictable clinical trials by digitizing the information shared between the biopharma companies sponsoring the trials and the clinical research sites running the trials.

Reify Health is digitizing the the infrastructure required to run a clinical trial—the clinical research site—to make running clinical trials more predictable and affordable for clinical trial sponsors (biopharmaceutical and medical device companies). Many of the inefficiencies in clinical trials are a result of challenges sponsors face in working with clinical research sites. Reify Health provides cloud-based software used by clinical research sites and sponsors to overcome those challenges. Clinics and hospitals use Reify’s software to help their staff conduct clinical research more effectively and sponsors use the software to work with these clinics and hospitals in Reify’s network without the inefficiencies that plague their interactions with sites today.

Reify Health was founded by medical students and engineers from Johns Hopkins who were fed up with the inefficiencies plaguing clinical research. Their team has developed successful clinical research sites from the ground up; overseen hundreds of clinical trials at the investigator, site, and sponsor levels; and built and scaled clinical trial software used by leading research institutions. Now, they are working with leading life sciences companies and digital health investors to bring their vision of a more creative, responsive healthcare system to life.

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