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Spire is a wearable device that accurately measures your breathing patterns throughout the day. Our consumer product can notify you when you're tense, guide you to greater calm, and help you discover what makes you focused.

Spire builds respiration sensors. Spire’s sensors take wearable bio-sensing beyond tracking to provide rich notifications and interventions. The patent-pending sensors continuously and accurately track respiratory parameters (inhalation and exhalation time, apneic events, etc.) and activity (steps, gait, posture) in a discreet device that connects to a smart-phone or watch.

Spire’s first product, a consumer wearable, uses respiratory patterns to infer a wearer’s “state-of-mind” (tense, calm, focused). The connected app provides feedback that lowers tension and increases calm and focus in every-day life. Clinical applications of the device and technology are currently being piloted.

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