Iowa City, IA


TelePharm was acquired by Cardinal Health in 2016. TelePharm is a web and mobile app that provides efficient pharmacy care by allowing pharmacists and patients to connect online, anytime, anywhere.

Capturing prescription images in TelePharm’s system

Founded in Iowa City, Iowa in 2012 by Roby Miller, TelePharm has quickly grown to the largest retail telepharmacy provider in the US. The company is redefining the pharmacy industry by providing innovative pharmacy solutions. TelePharm’s technology is affordable, easy to maintain, and feasible in low-volume underserved areas.

The team watches on as Roby sketches on the “whiteboard”

TelePharm dramatically lowers the cost of healthcare and brings access to a pharmacist in underserved areas. The company invests in rural communities by opening local pharmacies in underserved areas, and is now powering over 100 pharmacies in 9 states. TelePharm is backed by two of Iowa’s most prolific healthcare investors, John Pappajohn and Bruce Rastetter.

A patient during a video-counseling session with the pharmacist

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