Vivante Health is creating the first comprehensive digital solution for digestive health.

Vivante Health is on a mission to improve patients’ health, gut first. Founded in 2015, Vivante’s digital therapeutic platform tackles often-stigmatized digestive health conditions. Its all-in-one solution, GIThrive, combines microbiome testing and real-time remote gut health monitoring with 24/7, on-demand assistance from a coordinated care team of health professionals. Data science is further utilized to put patients first by providing personalized nutrition plans catered to individual preferences, care team recommendations, and user feedback over time.


With offices in Houston, Nashville, and Athens, Greece, Vivante Health has raised funding from NFP Ventures, FCA Venture Partners, and Rock Health.

Vivante’s GIThrive enables continuous, remote support and ongoing personalization of each patient’s treatment plan, informed by data science and delivered by Vivante’s virtual care team.

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