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Optimizing medications through data-driven clinical services.

Empowering everyone to prevent heart disease in one simple step.

Accelerating scientific research with insight and confidence.

Simplifying the pain of health plan decisions with data-driven recommendations.

New ways to measure health in everyday life

Turning experience into better medicine. (Acquired by GoodRx)

Accelerating life science R&D with an intelligent cloud-based software platform.

Building the backbone of the learning health system. (Acquired by athenahealth)

The mobile-first suite of "Benefits for Independents,” is directly integrated into the largest on-demand marketplaces in the world.

Digitizing the clinical research site to make clinical trials faster, cheaper, and more predictable.

Empowering people to make more confident decisions about their healthcare

A smarter way to provide healthcare coverage through technology.

Powerful analytics based bedside clinical decision support tools for hospitals' critical care units.