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Predictive insights powered by non-medical staff. (Acquired by Mindoula Health)

(Acquired by HealthTap)

(Acquired by Ginger.io)

(Acquired by Elekta)

(Acquired by MyFitnessPal)

Using expertise in game design and mobile software development to improve health outcomes. (Acquired by TrialCard)

The first mobile coaching solution designed specifically to help children and families. (Acquired by WW)

Connecting parents with resources when they need it most. (Acquired by Care.com)

Turning experience into better medicine. (Acquired by GoodRx)

Helps small businesses transition to the new era of health benefits. (Acquired by HealthMarkets)

Building the backbone of the learning health system. (Acquired by athenehealth)

Reinventing the pharmacy. (Acquired by Cardinal Health)

Making it easier for you to get and stay healthy. (Acquired by Weight Watchers)

Helping people with hand tremor eat more easily and with confidence. (Acquired by Google)

Building telepsychiatry networks to bring mental healthcare to underserved populations. (Acquired by Genoa)