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Optimizing medications through data-driven clinical services.

Easy-to-use, highly adaptive, 21st century data capture for clinical trials

Community as a wraparound service.

Automating FDA compliance and approval.

Predictive insights powered by non-medical staff. (Acquired by Mindoula Health)

The best mobile EHR experience for physicians and their patients.

Accelerating scientific research with insight and confidence.

The first mobile coaching solution designed specifically to help children and families. (Acquired by WW)

Accelerating life science R&D with an intelligent cloud-based software platform.

Building the backbone of the learning health system. (Acquired by athenahealth)

Digitizing the clinical research site to make clinical trials faster, cheaper, and more predictable.

Extending the reach of care management services to support patients.

A modular patient relationship management platform.

Home care built for our parents. And you.

Empowering doctors to spend more time with patients and less time charting.

Faster, safer, and friendlier medication tracking.

Powerful analytics based bedside clinical decision support tools for hospitals' critical care units.

Clinical guidelines, analytics and decision support in your EHR

An online platform guiding companies through the process of becoming HIPAA compliant.