19 things you didn’t know about Rock Health

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Aside from our events, research, and ever-growing portfolio, there’s a lot that goes on here at Rock Health. So we put together this behind-the-scenes peek of our inner workings and deepest secrets to share with our readers.  Without further adieu, here are 19 things you didn’t know about Rock Health.

  1. Our upstairs neighbor used to be a Taoist temple, now it’s a biotech company. 
  2. The official chip of Rock Health is the blue corn tortilla chip.
  3. Performances at our portfolio talent shows have included ingesting hot hot peppers, unicycling, free style rapping, and fire breathing. We have a very multi-talented group of entrepreneurs.
  4. We publish the leading newsletter of the best digital health news that arrives in 25K+ inboxes every Monday.
  5. 30% of our companies have a female founder (and 30% of companies that submit their business plan have a female founder.)
  6. Our new office doubles as a dance hall, complete with rainbow disco lights and a ceiling-mounted hoop chair.
  7. We give our entrepreneurs real MONEY along with $30K in services.
  8. The Omada Health team used to host their weekly team meetings on the playground in St. Mary’s Park, outside our first office.
  9. Kevin McDonald from KitCheck sings a mean Neil Diamond at Karaoke.
  10. Collectively, the Rock Health staff has listened to over 20,000 hours of Chinese Erhu music outside our window at our old office in Chinatown.
  11. Halle Tecco won best dressed in high school.
  12. Rock Health events are renowned for the awesome speaker lineup and photobooths.
  13. Our startups have raised over $200M in funding.
  14. The name “Rock” comes from Rock Hall building at Harvard Business School.
  15. Our most popular Rock Report is our FDA 101 guide for entrepreneurs.
  16. Every time a company gets a customer, closes a round, or we close a partner we ring the gong! We’re in need of a new gong…
  17. Ryan Panchadsaram, the co-founder of Pipette was part of our very first class, now works in the White House for Todd Park and was on the cover of Time – nbd!
  18. Rock Health consumes 2 tons of green tea a year.
  19. Venture Associate Mitchell Mom is the best dressed guy in venture.