Calling all startups: Rock Health Advisory launches new digital health business model insights benchmarking survey

Startup leaders: are you looking for benchmarks and insights on digital health business models and financials? You’re not alone. We’ve been hearing from executives at healthcare startups that they are eager for data on business models and financial metrics to support decision making:

While digital health has ample data on funding as a signal of where innovation is heading, most digital health companies are privately held which makes public, aggregate information on business models and financial benchmarks nearly impossible to find1.

To help fill this data gap, Rock Health Advisory is building a new dataset that sheds light on industry-level trends and benchmarks in digital health business models and financial outcomes. We’re excited to partner with the digital health startup ecosystem to create this dataset—read on for more details about the who, what, and when:

What kind of data will the survey capture?

Business model benchmarks

  • How do business and pricing models vary across funding stages?
  • How do customers and end users vary across company value propositions?

Financial benchmarks

  • How does revenue and gross margins vary across business models, funding stages, and value propositions?
  • What customer acquisition costs (CAC) and lifetime value (LTV) per customer are typical?
  • What share of spend typically goes to product development? Sales and marketing?

Outcomes-tracking benchmarks

  • Which clinical, economic, and engagement metrics are most tracked across business models, funding stages, and value propositions?

Who is this survey for?
Founders and other C-suite leaders at digital health startups across all maturity and funding stages.

What will participants get in return?
Survey participants will receive an exclusive report featuring relevant aggregate data and insights from the survey.

What else will be done with the data?
In addition to the exclusive report for survey participants, we will also publish a public-facing article covering broad themes from the survey—but only at the aggregate level. We know that this is extremely sensitive information, and we will not publish or share individual company names or data points. We will ensure anonymity of responses by only reporting out themes with enough data to share trends across cohorts. Additionally, Rock Health Advisory will firewall the survey results internally to select members of the Advisory team who are working on the analysis. Rock Health Capital will not have access to the data.

How long will the survey be available?
We’ve extended the deadline so the survey will be open until June 12, 2023.

Who can I contact with questions?
If you have any questions, reach out to

Click here to participate in Business Model Insights: Rock Health Advisory’s Digital Health Benchmarking Survey.

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  1. While some business model and financial data is available across specific fund portfolios, our goal is to shed light on benchmarks across the digital health industry broadly.